A hug and a kiss for Mother's day
by John Norberg, humor columnist s

There is one day every year that is observed in virtually every home in America.

It falls on a Sunday. Everything stops for this important occasion. All other concerns are put aside. This day is so important it is unthinkable that anyone would forget it.

You know what I'm talking about.

Super Bowl Sunday

But, the other big day of the year that also falls on a Sunday is today - Mother's Day. Forget all the other special occasions we celebrate.Mother's Day beats them all. This is the big day for flowers, cards, telephone calls, restaurants - and, well, mothers.

We live in the age of shared roles. Men and women both work outside the home. Men and women both share responsibilities around the house.

For example, in our house, I do some of the washing. I pick washing because there are only two of us at home now and it's about the easiest thing I can do.

Wife; "What are you doing?

Husband: "Washing clothes."

Wife: "It looks like you're watching a game on TV."

Husband; "Well, it might look that way but the washing machine is going

Wife: "When did you put them in the dryer?"

Husband: "Before the game started."

Wife: "When are you going to take them out?"

Husband: "As soon as the game is over."

Wife: "Maybe instead of washing you could do the vacuuming?"

Husband: "I don't think so. It's pretty hard to hear the game with the vacuum running."

It's important for fathers to play a larger role around the house. But there are some responsibilities they will never be able to do. There are some things that mothers do around the house that men have been scientifically proven incapable of doing.

Details, for example.

Men don't do details. Men do large concepts. They make sweeping decisions around the house that no one really pays any attention to. But when it comes to details - that's mom's job.

A father will see to it that the kids get off to school on time.

A mother will see to it that the kids get off to school on time - and, before they leave, she will actually take care of details like checking to see what they're wearing.

She might also check what her husband is wearing.

Wife: "What was Jimmy wearing when he left for school this morning?"

Husband: "Shirt, pants. I don't know. He left on time."

Wife: "When I picked him up, he was wearing shorts."

Husband: "Shorts? Well, he likes those shorts."

Wife: "It was 35 degrees this morning. Did he remember his lunch? Did he remember his homework? Did he remember the permission slip for the field trip? Did he take the note for the teacher?"

Husband: "He left on time."

Details, details.

Mothers take care of details like figuring out how to get three kids to three different places all at the same time; how to make nutritious meals everyone will love in less than 10 minutes; how to make $100 at the grocery store buy $150 worth of food; how to survive without sleep; how to balance work and family and maintain at least an image of sanity.

This is a huge job.

Basically, anyone with five years experience in the details of being a mother is qualified to run a fortune 500 company.

Fortunately, the compensation for mothers is high. And that's what makes being a mother all worthwhile.

They work for hugs.

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